I find myself thinking a lot about random things. My thoughts can be about social implications, to human behavior, to scientific ideas that are inspired by the education that I receive at the University of California, San Diego! I can go on about interpretations of quotes, to thoughts about any form of art as long as I have some fair knowledge on it. So, my thoughts are random as you can see and I hope that everyone can get something out of it! I hope that intellectual conversations are stimulated it from the posts! In the future, I hope to get a decent amount of people reading so that I can create a positive environment in which everyone learns from each other through discussion, analysis or argument. I envision it starting a discussion or maybe even a rebuttal of what I posted that I hope to respond to, or someone else can respond to.






UCSB shooting

My prayers go out to UCSB. I watched the video that kid posted and…it was extremely disturbing to say the least. I understand that he was lonely and wanted to feel loved by the opposite sex. But in no way, shape, or form is he ENTITLED to it. He basically said life was unfair because he was a 22 year old virgin. He came off as someone who felt entitled to a woman. He assumed that all the women who never “loved” him threw themselves at “brutes”. As a result of that, he decided to take it upon himself to label a selective group of women as “sluts”. He decided to take it upon his hands to end people’s lives, as if he had a higher right to do so. Sir, if you were the perfect man for a woman as you said, then you would not have those views that you had in your disturbing video. Women are not objects, nor are they inferior to men in any way. Women are not entitled to love you, as a matter of fact they are entitled to do whatever the hell they please. Although many people including myself don’t agree with your outlook, you have every right to have your own opinion and judge people as a result of it. However, you don’t have a higher right to take such actions upon those judgements as if you are a higher being. You are also a human being. In terms of social definition, you would have probably been deemed by the majority as a physically attractive person. If you really were the perfect guy, I’m sure you would have had no problem getting a woman. It sucks that he had to feel as if he was some sort of God punishing inferior people, and as a result of it innocent people lost their lives. Loneliness is a powerful feeling, because we as humans need to interact, love, and be loved. But I don’t think there can be a justification for the actions that he took. Hope UCSB recovers quickly from this event.

If anyone does happen to disagree or want to play devil’s advocate, feel free to do so :).